Who we are

In 1993 Riccardo Maccatrozzo and Emiliano Favaro joined forces to create Punto Oro Snc, a gold jewellery workshop where creativeness and technique are expertly blended.

Both former students of the State Art Institute in Venice, Emiliano and Riccardo opened their business in Marcon – still the main headquarters of the company today – and gave their creative instinct free rein.

2002 saw an important step: the opening of the workshop on St. Mark’s Square in Venice. They started creating items for the Venetian market, ranging from typical pieces such as “Moretti” (decorative wooden statues), to luxury jewellery for historically renowned stores on the square.

Our aim is to preserve the traditional goldsmith’s art by seeking out singular, often unique gems and combining them with bespoke design, uniting creativeness and elegance with purely craftsmanship-based precious metal working processes.

We two master goldsmiths

“Our art is the creation of emotions...”